Business Translation

In today’s competitive environment, every company requires the use of local and/or international multilingual translation experts in order to obtain a global client base.

Business translations also encompass a wide expanse of topics and specific knowledge.
Foreign languages represent a challenge for many businesses. All companies have bilingual staff members and interpreters in order to translate business documents and related paraphernalia. Others might use available online translation tools but might not be of any success. There are several reasons for this:

  • Lack of skilled expertise: – Lengthy projects require demands organization skills, with a rich vocabulary, the right team of specialized translators and the proper knowledge.
  • Specialized Translators required for specific topics: – Excellent translators tend to specialize in their respective fields. A poor business translator can make or break a sale
  • Online translation tools are not specific: – They do not provide an accurate knowledge of the documents being translated. They can be used for a broader perspective of translation.

Thus for all types of critical business translations a good quality writing and accuracy in a foreign language, is to be considered. This can be achieved using a team of professional business translators. Chances are that it might cost a lot of money.

Our Team
At Coral Knowledge Services, we provide you with the right business translator for your business. Our team of translators, proof-readers and project managers is ready to address all of your business translation needs, from the smallest of letters to the largest of multilingual projects. Added to that, we also provide you a client-based approach to guarantee your satisfaction. We try our level best to optimize your investments.

Our Experience
We have concentrated mainly on the translation of Business documents related to the IT and the Hospitality sector. Business translation services have been a main area of focus since the founding of our company. We have been involved with translating marketing materials, employee manuals, annual reports, correspondences , vouchers and many other documents for small and large businesses, from small manufacturers, wholesalers and retail businesses to large financial and insurance institutions.

Quality-Assurance Process

We determine three specific variables to measure the quality of our business translation services:

  • Precision
  • Uniformity
  • Overall composition

To address these factors, we have established proven quality-assurance processes.

Understanding the sensitivity of the documents we also maintain a confidential relation and sign a no- revelation statement with the clients.