Technical Translation

At Coral Knowledge Services we provide a plethora of translations for technical documents for various industries like IT, engineering, pharmaceuticals and healthcare. Technical translations are highly challenging and require skilled expertise like professional technical translators who follow standard quality assurance procedures to render a finely written and precise translated text. To achieve this, we rely on the experience of translators who are not only proficient linguists, but also have sufficient understanding of the specified subject matter apart from the technical field.

As a full time dedicated technical translation service provider, Coral Knowledge Services offers the best solutions to translate your business manuals, requirements, technical descriptions, copyrights and diagrams to and from all major languages. Our technical translators are the best trained linguists who also have inclusive knowledge of their specific fields. Assigning your translation work to the right translator is the most important decision you can make to guarantee an excellent end-product. All our projects undertaken are technically sound and affordable.

Our Team :-
Are the best of their subject. Not only are they trained linguists but also have an intricate knowledge about their area of work. On receiving your documents to be translated we assign it to a team comprising of an experienced technically sound translator and proof reader. While the translator translates the document the proof reader will be correcting the rough draft. Moreover, after the final draft is corrected an electronic copy will be sent to the customer. Thereafter any corrections by the customer are incorporated into the draft and the final draft once again undergoes a series of quality selections. The corrected draft will now be sent off to the notary who will certify the authenticity of the translation. This being done the document will be sent off to the customer by mail.

Quality Assurance : –
The quality of our technical translation services is checked by taking into account two factors:  spelling and composition For this we have established tried and tested quality procedures involving:

  • Proper Selection of team members (Like project manager, translator, proofreader, etc.)
  • Preparation of project-specific vocabulary
  • Preparation of translation databases in the computer memory to ensure a consistent relay of terminology and exact translation of identical sentences
  • Translate, proof-read and arrange the document in specific progressions.
  • Final review of the finished documents
  • Timely delivery of the document by mail.

Patent translations :-
We understand that a patent is the exclusive Intellectual property of an individual and means more than anything to him. Proper translation of patent full documentation is critical for comprehensive evaluations or to assess possible patent infringements. Coral Knowledge Translator has the experience and technical enabling our customers to properly and confidentially translate their patents.