E- learning and Training Material

Just like sales and marketing, education, learning and training are vital components of any business, no matter how big or how small. Apart from training new employees, there is a constant need to ensure associates are up-to-date on the latest technology, product improvement, customer service and more. For international companies, there is a constant challenge to provide all of the employees with the same training courses and related materials wherever they are in the world and no matter what language they speak. We say, “Let the eLearning and translation experts at Coral Knowledge Services help.”Whether you represent an educational or training facility, a large company or a small business, Coral Knowledge Services can help you create a diverse and appealing multilingual eLearning or training solution that meets your clients’ specific needs.

Innovative and highly effective global eLearning solutions to meet your specific needs

At Coral Knowledge Services, we understand that one should use not just effective but also innovative and creative eLearning and training programs that spark interest, and appeal your audience apart from delivering the best results – all within an affordable budget. Moreover for multinational organizations, with wide client base, it is necessary to ensure that all elements of your program are precisely and correctly translated and localized for your desired audience. If the language and context are not genuine and appropriate, it would turn out to be a waste of your time and money.Our experts work hard to create accurate eLearning solutions for all sorts of businesses. We develop everything from communicational aids to online quizzes to enhance your website. Coral Knowledge Services can help you design creative eLearning and teaching softwares in various languages to meet your specific goals. Our eLearning and translation professionals possess the expertise to develop consistent, high-quality instructional content for comprehensive learning programs in over a million languages.

Apart from translation and localization of content, our comprehensive eLearning services include :

  • Multilingual manual design consultation
  • Conversion of former training materials into an eLearning format.
  • Localization of software applications, web applications and documentation
  • Development of multilingual presentations like texts, audio and video content as well as voiceover for radio and Television
  • Narrowing down of multimedia and marketing materials to specific languages
  • Quality testing of the final product to ensure an accurate and appropriate adaption of your materials.

Coral Knowledge Services can help you optimize your multilingual eLearning capabilities and effectively reach your global target audiences.