Languages we Translate

Finding the right language translation service can pose as a problem. At Coral Knowledge Services we strive to help you navigate a multilingual world in order to overcome all your linguistic challenges. These may include major issues of language competency, technology, industry knowledge, delivery deadlines and others that make this decision even harder. In a wide world of languages you might be lost if not given the proper guidance.

We at Coral Knowledge Services translate from and to a plethora of languages. All languages are local to us. Here we employ the best personnel who not just speak but literally breathe the language. All our team members are native speakers of their language. They are screened through rigorous quality processes. We translate anything and everything. Over the years Coral Knowledge Services has been known far and wide for its outstanding quality. Not only do we translate but we localize as well.
Some of our languages used are :

Arabic translation :
Say “Ma`a as-salāma” (goodbye) to your linguistic troubles after we say “marhaban” (hello) to you. Coral Knowledge Services can provide Arabic translations for a wide range of works, such as marketing materials, books, legal, medical, and technical documents, and much more, at a reasonable price to help you communicate with Arabic speakers. Our Arabic translators have excellent linguistic qualifications and years of experience in the Arabic translation services industry. They also have degrees in fields such as medicine, law, and engineering. Our highly trained Arabic dialect translators work on projects related to their subject matter expertise to assure the alternatives in the Arabic language are translated properly for a particular topic.

Chinese Translation :
China is an economic powerhouse. It represents one fifth of the world population and markets, almost over a billion Chinese speakers worldwide. This translates into huge client base with economic, political and cultural exchanges that require clear communications.
Our highly-skilled translators are among the best in the Chinese translation service industry. All of our Chinese translations are thoroughly proof-read by editors to make sure that the accurate meaning of the original content is kept intact. Moreover we also undertake tedious quality tests in order to provide the content of your script as it is.

Dutch Translation :
Hallo (that’s “hello” on Dutch) world! At Coral Knowledge Services we offer quality Dutch translation services. We translate all types of documents to and from Dutch at affordable rates. Our Dutch translation projects are accurately handled by the best translators in the industry.

Japanese translation :
“Konichi Wa”. We provide a variety of excellent, fairly priced, and timely services to translate all your business, legal, marketing, and medical documents to and from Japanese. Our translations are accurate and affordable.