Financial Translation

What is it?
Today business is fast paced. A large number of companies are growing beyond national border. Till this day finding the proper financial translation remains a gargantuan problem to any medium and large company. Financial translation can help in resolving a number of problems like International financial transactions, record keeping, and fulfillment of various legal conditions. Numerous documents like annual reports, market surveys, shareholder information, and accounts documents.

We are at your service….
At Coral Knowledge Services, our enthusiastic staff will work faithfully with you to help you achieve your goals and maintain provide the best quality standards according to the industry requirements throughout the translation process. Not only are we available round the clock yet we promise to be also able to work within any timeframe that you mention so that you can receive your completed financial translation when you need it.

Documents we translate: –
The following documents are translated by us: –

  • Accounting Documents
  • Financial Documents
  • Banking Documents
  • Balance sheets
  • Shareholder Statements
  • Stock Reports
  • Cash Flow Documents
  • General Presentations
  • Loan Documents
  • Savings statements
  • Pension and Provident Fund records
  • Payroll statements and many more.

Our Workflow:-

We start our work immediately when you send us an electronic copy of your document to be translated. Our team of translators hand crafts a target language version of your document. We produce a number of repeatable technical keywords which allows us to save time. The first draft of the document is then submitted to a technically sound proof reader who re checks it and sends it back to us. The final draft is prepared after repeated proof reading. A copy of this will be sent to you and an expert team leader who corrects any finishing fallacies. This is then sent to the Notarized Certifier, who certifies the documents. The final copy is sent by courier or mail.

Our resources: –
Our translators are all indigenous speakers of the target language who have been selected based on their linguistic skills. Our specialty translators also possess an extensive know-how and in-depth knowledge of their subject areas. Our key resource is our experience and the loyalty to our clients through which we have been serving them.

Our heads ache for yours…
Yes you’ve read it right. If in any case you are dissatisfied with your final copy you can immediately send it back to us (Additional charges applicable.) If you would like to change the parameters of your project once it has reached the translation stage, we will gladly accept the changes and incorporate them into the final document. Moreover if we come across a delay, our project managers will inform you immediately about it. If the final translation is unsatisfactory in any way, we will send it back to our translator for another round of translation, slipping in any corrections or suggestions you might have. Documents will then pass another round of quality review.

Our clients can call in for a free demonstration.