Data Capture Services

From manual punching of data to automated capturing, Coral Knowledge Services offers services specifically tailored to meet all your data capturing requirements. Also, we focus relentlessly to provide our clients with high-quality data capturing services cost-effectively and within due time.

Manual Data Capture Services:-
Manual keying techniques help with the unstructured and disorganized meta-data. At Coral Knowledge Services, we guarantee manual entry of any type of possible text with an accuracy of 99.5% saving you time, labor and operational costs. Apart from a rapid service consisting of any data varying from forms, printed documents, e-mails, transactional bills to highly sensitive data, we offer a number of key advantages. Some of them are:

  • Data integrity: We ensure the privacy of your data and take care of any illegal access throughout the whole process of capture and conversion.
  • Quality: Constant validation checks are performed and the quality of the document rated from time to time. Even when the requirements are urgent, we utilize our automated software to check for the accuracy of the documents with a faster, real-time validation but never compromise on quality.
  • High speed data entry: We incorporate dynamic data capturing solutions and tools to ensure specialized data entry at a high speed.
  • Cost-efficiency: We provide quality services while maintaining a cost-effective assurance for our customers.

Automated Data Capture Services:-
With improved turn-around time and data entry accuracy, our quality document scanners capture data and convert it into a digital image format that is easy to process. Be it printed text documents such as surveys, reports, transactional bills, receipts, manuals, indexing cards, product brochures and catalogs or numeric documents like financial statements, enterprise sales/purchase records or even images like charts, graphs, photos etc., we can digitize and capture correct data in no time. Using document imaging, the replica of the original document is obtained, which makes the further operations on this set of data simple and convenient. This information is either stored online from where the customer can print, fax or send the entire document or compiled into a storage media like CDs, DVDs, hard disk drives or a network server. To make the indexing and retrieval of information easy, electronic index cards can be attached to the data such as the client’s name, order number, date of reference and delivering of services etc.

Using our cutting through technologies and conversion tools, we can convert your data into a number of digital formats like Doc, Rtf, Pdf, ANSI, CSV, MS-Excel, HTML, XML or any other, as per the needs.

The key advantages of automated data capture services are:

  • Reduced overhead
  • Increased efficiency and accuracy
  • Larger consistency ensured
  • Reduced processing time as sorting time and validation time is lowered
  • Much less error rate

To use your precious time and resources towards driving the firm’s real business, let your data capturing needs be handled by us. We promise quality service in a cost-efficient manner and that too within due deadlines.