Translation Services

At Coral Knowledge Services, we translate and help translate from and to any language. As has been vouched for by our vast client base, we can boast that our services are 100% accurate.  Not only do we translate, but we also edit and proof read documents as well.  Our linguists are available worldwide providing our customers professional assistance in making their business available in every part of the world. We are conversant in every existing language and translate documents at low costs.

Apart from translating the language, we also rephrase and/ or reframe the document at an additional cost in order to meet the client’s needs. We provide fast and effective translation of documents at reasonable prices. Moreover, we also help translate technical documents into native language so as to help our customers. We have teamed up with translators all over the world and we have served various industries like Pharmaceutical, IT, Gaming Industry, Automobile Industry etc. Over the years, we have built a team with people who are enriched with wide experience and knowledge and who have loyally served our clients.

Quality:- At Coral Knowledge Services, we have well- defined quality protocols, to which we abide in order to maintain our quality standards. We tend to hire expertise that understand words, not merely know them. Moreover, every document is re- read and edited thoroughly to meet international standards. We use up to date software for fast and effective translation. We pledge to maintain extreme confidentiality while translating sensitive documents.

Industries to whom we cater: – Coral Knowledge Services cater to a vast array of industries like Pharmaceuticals, Hospitals, Biotech, IT, Media, Publishing, Gaming, Education, Telecommunication, Banking and Investments, Government Sectors, Science and Technology, Legal Services, Visa Translations, Translation of Certificates and other important documents. We translate various types of documents like brochures, manuals, product details, catalogs, CAD drawings, engineering materials, labels, presentations and training materials.

We also translate Medical Documents as well: – Medical translation involves a long and tedious process to introduce a new drug into the market. It can be highly expensive and may delay the drug launch if not properly done. Over the years, we have translated Clinical data, Medical information, and Quality manuals. Our association with doctors and other medical and para-medical practitioners have aided in our progress. We have translated a plethora of medical subjects worldwide.

Languages known to us: –  As mentioned all the languages are local to us. We have done major translation works in Asian, Middle Eastern and European languages. Our languages include Dutch, Chinese, German, French, Hebrew, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian.