Marketing Translation

In a global marketplace of fierce competitors, you need every advantage as you launch or promote your service or product. This is especially important if you are launching or promoting in a foreign language.  With increasing and fierce competitions arising in the market one should be able to properly promote his products especially in a global market. At Coral Knowledge Services, owing to our vast expertise we have helped hundreds of clients with their marketing translation needs.  We have served clients in Europe and South East Asia mainly IT sectors, Hospitals and the Pharmaceutical Sector.

As the sophistication of the internet grows, we now know more than ever about who needs what. Even more significant is that we know that increasing numbers of people who don’t speak our language might need what we can provide. As the use of internet spreads it is easy for us to easily spread out your products and services throughout the world.

How can we help you :-

Localizing Market strengths :-
At Coral Knowledge Services we not only translate but also prepare your product for any particular market. We tend to go beyond traditional language barriers and provide a better market for your products.

Providing the right team :-
Immediately after receiving your documents we start fixing your team for the particular product and services. Teams are also fixed as per the market you would want to target. Once the team is fixed translation of your documents will begin. These documents include market surveys, product details, company brochures, client feedbacks, advertising costs etc. All of our marketing translators have access to translation memories, dictionaries and industry-specific terms, ensuring that each translation is both accurate and consistent across even the largest projects.

Translation and Proof reading :-
Translation of the documents starts immediately after receiving the call from the client.  Our marketing translators have a thorough knowledge of translation memories, marketing intricacies and industry-specific vocabularies. In short we ensure that each of our translations is both specifically accurate and consistent across the world.

Confidentiality :-
At Coral Knowledge Services we make it our duty to maintain confidentiality about our clients and the copies of the documents they allot us. We prefer for photocopies of the documents that we deal in from our clients until and unless the original documents are absolutely necessary. The translated documents are sent by mail to the client or to the target as per his request.