Legal Interpretation

Recognizing the need for assistance in the area of equal access in all courts of law, the Coral Knowledge Services provides the following services to our clients all over the world:

Our Team :-
With a network of interpreters that spans the globe, Coral Knowledge Services has the right resources and depth of services to fit any legal clients’ needs – no matter how complex. With diversity, experience and far-reaching recruitment efforts, Coral Knowledge Services prides itself in handling “difficult to fill” projects. Our interpreters are uniquely paired with the level of expertise and past category experience to match your unique project needs. Our team comprises of the best of talent including lawyers, litigators, notaries, legal clerks and many more.

Our Services :-
We provide a list of on-site interpretation services for our clients. These include:

Dutch Translation Simultaneous Interpretation occurs immediately and is designed for large audiences or fast-paced meetings. Each person speaks naturally without any pauses; interpreters convert the speech into the desired language as it is said, their voice overlapping the speaker’s. Our team members are extremely talented and allow the ease of our clients. Interpretation is ideal for court sessions, legal proceedings, or small business meetings. It requires a pause at the end of each speaker’s sentences. The interpreter will then interpret each sentence. This process is repeated for the duration of the conservation. Consecutive interpretation requires more time than simultaneous interpretation, but it is ideal for intimate, everyday conversations. This allows the client to think before making a comment.

Our Executive Services include : –

  1. Contract negotiations
  2. Annual Meetings
  3. Consulate Interviews
  4. Visiting Clients or Guests

Deposition Interpreting :-
We also specialize in deposition interpreting. Each interpreter must follow a strict set of guidelines laid down by our interpreter relations team. We deal also in legal interpreting; our linguists must also be up to date with terminology of their own language prior to taking any assignment from us. We take pride in our work and it shows. We ensure that you possess a feeling of certainty, knowing the legal team of Coral Knowledge Services is on the job and feel a sense of pride when you put your reputation before our’s.

Languages in which we interpret :-
We interpret in over a million languages. We have worked with clients all over the world. Our clients can also avail our services online. Apart from English we interpret in various languages like Arabic, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Mandarin, Dutch, Hebrew, French, Latin, Spanish and many other languages. All our team members are expert not only in their native languages but also in the specific legal systems as well. They are well linked and professionally related to various Courts of Law in any Country or province.