Medical Transcription

At Coral Knowledge Services we provide different types of transcriptions including Medical, legal, Verbatim. Anywhere in the world our team of expert transcriptors is forever ready to cater to your transcriptional needs. Major hospitals trust us to solve their transcript for their problems. In fact our high client retention rates speak of our work…

Trust is our favorite word (and yours’ too)
Medical documentation is at the heart of everything you do. Without timely and accurate documentation, doctors would be unable to provide appropriate care to their patients or receive payment for the services you provide. Without timely and accurate documentation, one would find it extremely difficult to maintain healthy, productive relationships with physicians or regulators. In short, it would be impossible to remain in a hospital anywhere without any medical documentation to rely on. Trust us… We’re there for you anywhere and everywhere.

How do we do it?
We are responsible. We know the mess you might be in a foreign hospital owing to even the minutest of documents like a prescription. We are responsive. We are punctual. Moreover we have an extremely fast turnaround time. We make it sure that your journey in and out of a hospital or even to a pharmacist’s is smooth. Added to that, we linger on with you even when our job is done so as to ensure that you are not subject to any further troubles. It’s thus no exaggeration to say that  every employee of our entire company – from the configuration of our account teams to the accessibility of our executive staff – is organized around exceeding our customers’ expectations.

Our team, best as always…
At Coral Knowledge Services our team comprises of nothing but the best of talent. We have medical transcriptors from all the fields of Medicine like Cardiology, nephrology, Neurology, Anesthesiology, General Medicine, Microbiology, Radiology and others. All our transcriptors are native speakers of their language. We ensure that all expertise is quality trained to cater to the needs of our clients. Moreover we are available at any time frame and limit fixed by you.
Apart from provi .ding a clear transcript of your files, we translate them into over 100 languages. We make sure that our transcription and translation services provide you the best by carrying out rigorous quality checks before delivery.  Cost wise too our services are easily affordable.
Moreover we also sign non disclosure agreements with the clients in order to not reveal the documents that we translate.